Budget Screen


Most couples begin by looking for a suitable venue (garden or hall) and the choice of a catering service. Once this has been done, they begin to search for the other service providers such as the photographers, the DJ, the lighting technicians, active bar, videographers etc.

This software takes you through the entire process until the stage of planning the placing of the guests at the various tables. The couple meets with a variety of service providers and visits many venues. Each one offers a cost estimate and certain details that characterize its specific service.

This is the point where Easy Wedding enters the picture. One of the screens in this software is the budget screen. On this screen, one can note the various cost estimates received from different sources. One can make various combinations that are relevant to the couple’s budget for the wedding.

For example: The couple received cost estimates from the following sources:
“Rose Garden”- $10,000
“Rock Garden” $12,000
“Renaissance Halls” $13,000
“DJ Moshiko” $1,200
“DJ Koko” $500
“Photo Reuven” $900 for 250 pictures.
“Melvin Photographers” $1000 including video film.

The planners enter the details in the relevant screen provided by the software: All the details are saved in one place. One can create up to 3 possible combinations of the required services. For example, one can choose “Rose Garden”, “DJ Koko” and “Photo Reuven” for the cheapest combination or any other grouping for the desired result. Click here to see the Budget Screen

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