Wedding expenses screen

This step helps you to keep track of your expenses as they are incurred. As you know, a wedding can be a very expensive proposition. The average wedding can cost thousands of dollars.

For many couples, it is important to keep track of their expenses at every stage of the preparations for the event.
They would like to know how much they have already spent, what they have already paid for, how much remains to be taken care of . Finally, they must be careful not to exceed their budget.

Easy Wedding offers a screen that will concentrate all of your expenses at any given time. The software comes with definitions of the most frequent types of expenses incurred in planning a wedding, such as; catering, photographer, venue, bridal dress, groom’s suit, Rabbi, Priest or other Solemnizer, and many other expenses that come up.

Each item can be divided into a specific number of payments and each date of payment is specified. The software summarizes the expenses already incurred at any given moment and displays the total sum to be paid, what has already been paid and how much remains to be paid. Click here to see the wedding expenses screen

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