Groups screen

Before one begins to enter guests’ names in the Guest Screen, Easy Wedding contains a screen dedicated to managing the different guest categories. As soon as the couple enters a guest’s name in the opening screen, a number of possible categories appear.

For example: If the bride’s name is Michelle, and the groom’s name is Jack, the following categories will appear:
  • Michelle (family)
  • Jack (family)
  • Michelle(school friends)
  • Jack(school friends)
  • Michelle(childhood friends)
  • Jack(childhood friends)
  • Etc.
    These categories can be changed or erased, added to and updated at any time. The category of each additional invitee should be noted on the Group Screen. On the Group Screen, one can easily identify which guests belong to which group (important for seating arrangements!!) One can also see at a glance, how many guests are included in each group. Click here to see the guest group screen

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