Guests screen

The next step is compiling lists of wedding guests according to groups and categories. This is usually very helpful when coping with a large number of potential guests.

One begins by thinking who each partner wants to invite from high school or college, from the work place, from the family, etc. One can note the telephone contact and the address for the invitation. Will the guest arrive alone or with family, spouse and children?

This is usually a very complicated and tiring time. One needs the cooperation of the couple’s families. Usually, the parents of the couple have a list of their own. The invitations must be sent and people must be contacted in order to know who is actually planning to participate and in what numbers.

One must remember that each invitee represents an expensive “platter” ordered from the caterer. Estimating the number of invitees who will actually participate in the event in an exact and efficient manner is vital!

Of course Easy Wedding helps at this stage of planning and managing the wedding. On the Guest Screen one should enter the following details for each invitee:
  • First and last name
  • Telephone numbers
  • The address that will appear on the invitation.
  • The category to which he/she belongs (school, work, family etc.)
  • Relationship to which member of the couple (his, hers, theirs).
  • How many will be in the guest’s party (for example a family with four children)
  • How many will actually participate? (Parents only?)
  • At which table will they sit?
  • Has an invitation been sent to this invitee?
  • Have they confirmed their participation?
  • Do they need transportation?

    At this stage, the software provides statistics about the invitees. This means that at any given moment, the planners can know how many guests were invited, how many invitations have already been sent, how many confirmed their attendance, how many responded that they would not attend and how many have not responded.
    This allows the couple to review and edit the guest list with ease at any moment. Click here to see the Guest Screen

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