Meetings screen


The next stage is usually that of coordinating meetings with each service provider in order to clarify all of the necessary details. This is vital in order to relate your desires and expectations to the reality of what you will actually receive.

For example: Take the conference with the photographer. One must determine how many shots he promises to take, what is the quality of the equipment, digital or regular, with or without cables, the number of photographers, whether he supplies the negatives, when and where the pre-ceremony photographs are taken, whether the price includes the design of the wedding album etc.

There are similar meetings for each of the other service providers: caterers, DJ etc. In Easy Wedding you will find a separate meetings screen that details all of these appointments. One can note the number of meetings for each service provider and sort them according to date. Telephone numbers, contact-person, meeting place, comments and summaries can be added too.
Click here to see the meeting screen

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