Printouts Screen

This is the stage of summaries and reports and the printing of invitations. Many venues demand lists of invitees by different categories (names, tables etc.) In most cases, it is necessary to print name cards with table placement so that the ushers can distribute them to the guests at the entrance to the hall.

Writing the addresses on the envelopes of the invitation is also time consuming. There is a lot of “black labor” with plenty of room for error. The task of the Easy Wedding Printouts Screen Is to coordinate all the printing tasks required in the preparations for the wedding.

It is possible to print the following “reports”:
  • Lists of all the invitees sorted by:
    1. First name
    2. Last name
    3. Category
  • List of tables and those seated there
    1. According to the table index
    2. According to the table number in the hall
  • Printing of stickers/labels
    1. For distribution by the ushers to the guests at the entrance
    2. For pasting the addresses on the invitations
  • Detailed list of necessary transportation
  • List of presents received
    1. According to categories
    2. According to relation (to bride or groom)
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