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 Amira Genny - Professional makeup artist
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Amira Genny is a Professional makeup artist and Makeup Master. Amira specializes in Beauty, Fashion, Still Photography, Television and Film, Stage make-up, High-Definition makeup and Para-Medical makeup. Amira is qualified as a make-up and beauty advisor and maintains make-up workshops for groups and individuals and bachelorette parties. Amira Arrives to the customers location and dedicates her time only for her on her special day.
Phone +972-50-3208462
Address Jerusalem Blv. 155, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel
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Bridal Makeup
The wedding night is the night that puts the bride's face in focus. that's why its so importent to have a pro-makeup artist on that night. Amira Genny fits the right makeup colors to the bride considering her preferences, skin tone, dress and hair styles and dominating colors. Amira meets the bride for trial makeup where she tries several looks and decides with the bride upon the perfect look for her on her wedding day. Amira Uses High definition makeup for brides that invited high definition photography on their wedding day. For brides with skin problems, Amira uses para-medical makeup that covers uo all the defects and makes the bride more comfortable with her looks. The makeup Amira uses is a high quality one and it lasts perfectly for the entire evening.

Evening & Events
Evening and events makeup is a dramatic makeup. In this makeup deep shades colors and glitters are in use in order to set the focus to the face. Amira Genny techniques and knowledge are in use while putting makeup on elder women, helping her to conceel age marks.

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