Easy Wedding - FAQ

Q: I get a pop up message telling me that there is a newer version. What should ia do?

A: You can go to the software home page (here) and download the newer version. After you done this you will not get this message (until a newer version will be available)

Q: Do I have to uninstall the older version before installing a new one?

A: No

Q: Does the data that I typed is saved when I install a newer version?

A: Yes, installing or uninstalling does not affect that already typed data. But you always should install to the same location where the software was installed.

Q I do not see all the columns and all the data correctly, I have to scroll the view in order to see all the controls on the page. What is wrong?

A: you are probably using a low screen resolution of 600*800 or less. You should use at least 1024*768 pixels. To change your screen resolution do the following:

  • Start-->Settings-->control Panel
  • Display-->Settings-->Screen Resolution
  • Change the value to 1072* 768

Q:How do I transfer the data from computer to computer?

A: Do the following:

  • In the first computer go to File -->Export Data
  • Chose a folder where the data will be saved to (c: emp)
  • Copy all the files that you just saved to an email message (as attachments) and send to the second computer
  • In the second computer, copy all the files from the received email message to some folder
  • Import Data then chose 'Chose data Directory' and point to the location where you saved your files
  • Press the 'replace' button. Note that all the current data will be replaced so do this action with caution.

Q: I want to transfer only guests from my second computer. How do I do that?

A: Act as described above but chose 'replace guests only' in the 'import guests' dialog

Q: I do not like the help tool-tips, can I cancel them?

A: Yes, you can decide whether to see or not see tool-tips in the Tools Options dialog

For more information write to:support@wedding-soft.com

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